Angela uses a wide range of techniques, including colourwashing, marbling, stone-blocking, metallic finishes and stencilling to create unique effects on walls. Her painted finishes are extremely durable.
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With her extensive knowledge of historical decoration, Angela can produce authentic decorative designs for walls and ceilings in styles ranging from ancient Pompeian and Roman wall painting right up to the latest contemporary look. Go to DESIGN >

Murals are not only decorative but can be a useful way of compensating for difficult proportions in a room. They can appear to raise or lower a ceiling, or push back a wall to make a room seem larger. Angela also produces one-off works on canvas or wall panels. Go to MURALS >

Angela will work both on newly constructed pieces of furniture or existing pieces (which usually need a certain amount of preparation). Fitted furniture, doors and fireplaces can be painted to blend with your room scheme or feature as a 'stand-alone' piece. Go to FURNITURE >

Most natural fabrics with a smooth surface can be painted - cotton, silk, linen, wool. The paint used is washable and very light-fast. Painting can reference existing motifs and colours in your design scheme and be in any number of colours, including metallics. Go to FABRIC >